Friday, January 16, 2009

Recitation of Poem - Time by Valeri Bloom

Valeri bloom has written a simple poem about time. I recited this poem in the English recitation competition in my school.

You can access the recitation of the poem by the poet here

Time's a bird, which leaves its footprints
At the corner of your eyes.
Time's a jockey, racing horses,
The sun and moon across the skies.
Time's a thief, stealing your beauty,
Leaving you with tears and sighs.
But if you waste time trying to catch him,
Time's a bird and time just flies.

by Valeri bloom


kesia said...

dear alita, congrats for your blog...well done...keep up your proud of your father who inspired you to create this blog...its not the blog that matters but your effort in this small young age...good work...all the best for a bright future

Alita said...

Thanks kesia